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New York City – Video Tour of SoHo, Manhattan

Welcome to another New York Habitat ( ) video! Today, we are going to get a little taste of one of New York's most famous neighborhoods, SoHo.

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You'll find SoHo in southern Manhattan just to the south of Greenwich Village. The boundaries of the heart of SoHo are roughly Houston Street to the north, Canal Street to the south, Crosby Street to the east and 6th Ave to the west. SoHo is a famous neighborhood to be the most fashionable areas in New York with its loft-style apartments, art galleries, and its diverse shopping.

SoHo's Architecture and landmarks:
Before we get into the modern day delights of SoHo, let's step back in history a bit. What is fascinating about this neighborhood is that it is the largest surviving cast-iron building district in the world. Many commercial buildings along Broadway and Spring Street feature this type of construction. Cast-iron's fire-resistant properties and strength made it possible to construct large building fa├žades at less cost than comparable stone fronts.
A great example of SoHo's cast-iron buildings is 28-30 Greene Street. Built in 1872, it's known as the "Queen of Greene Street".
As you might know, SoHo is also well known for its loft style apartments. In the late 1800s, SoHo became an industrial district where workers toiled in dangerous conditions. Eventually, in the 1960s, as most of the commercial and manufacturing buildings were abandoned, SoHo was almost destroyed.
As artists moved in, the district became populated with galleries and eventually SoHo became the center of the lower Manhattan art scene. Today, the area remains full of art galleries.

Some of our favorite SoHo area lofts include:
This one-bedroom loft apartment centrally located in SoHo on Prince Street (NY-9572)…
This amazing 3-bedroom vacation rental loft in neighboring Tribeca (NY-5278)…

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Speaking of SoHo art galleries, be sure to check out Franklin Bowles Galleries (431 West Broadway) specialized in valuable works such as Rembrandt and Matisse, Chagall, Dali and Miro. Also, the Louis K. Meisel Gallery at 141 Prince Street is worth a visit. It claims to have the largest collection and available inventory of pin-up art in the world.
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SoHo Attractions:
The New York Fire Museum – 278 Spring St.:
An often-overlooked attraction in SoHo is the New York Fire Museum. You'll see an amazing collection of ladders, fire gear and fire trucks – including one of the oldest known fire engines in America, built in 1790.

SoHo Piers along the Hudson River:
If you're looking for some relaxation, head over to the SoHo Piers along the Hudson River. You'll find everything from golf and rollerblading to baseball and rock climbing. When the weather is nice, you can lounge on the grass of the park. Relax, you're in New York!

Restaurants and nightlife:
While you're out shopping, make sure to buy some fancy eveningwear because you're going to want to go out for some of SoHo's fantastic nightlife. Some of my favorites SoHo hot spots are:
Balthazar — 80 Spring St.
S.O.B – 204 Varick St
SoHo Park – 62 Prince St
Bar 89 (be sure to check out the bathroom door!) – 89 Mercer St.
Mercer Kitchen – 99 Prince St
Raoul's – 180 Prince St

If I've missed any of you're favorite SoHo activities, be sure to share them with us in the comments below. Well, I hope you've enjoyed our tour of SoHo. Of course, there's a lot more to see and do here.

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