A Curation of Information About New York City

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HUGE Illuminati Statue of Satan in the Middle of New York City!

HUGE Illuminati Statue of Satan in the Middle of New York City! *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and political activist who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives. Mark's YouTube channel has received tens of millions of views and his viral

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Mehr Infos/more info: www.worldfilmheritage.comLizenzanfragen/requests for licencing: A City round trip in the streets of old New York in 1939. The 16mm moving pictures show major spots such as the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson River, Chelsea Pears, Streets and buildings in Manhattan, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Jewish Area, Jersey and many more. Banned on film by the students Jan and Gerd Br├╝gelmann from Cologne Germany.

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A High Definition Look at New York City in 1999 – World Trade Center – Times Square – 1080p HD

WBNS television was testing 'high definition' video cameras back in 1998 and 1999. On May 20th, 1999, the station sent several employees to New York City to shoot HD video of the city. The video includes HD shots of The World Trade Center, Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, and much more as it was back in 1999. The video has sat in WBNS' large archives until now. This video

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