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New York City Protest RAW VIDEO- Eric Garner Protest throughout NYC after Eric Garner Ruling

New York City Protest – Eric Garner Protest throughout New York city after Eric Garner Ruling (December 3, 2014) Eric Garner protestors heading for Rockefeller Center. All photographs are copyright owned by Michael Paul. Video produced by Michael Paul for Hawkeye FilmsProtests after NY cop not indicted in chokehold death. Outside my apt, one of many protest marches in NYC. Eric Garner protesters Stage DIE-IN at Grand Central StationNYC Upper

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New York City Protesters Chant For “Dead Cops” – Cavuto

New York City Protesters Chant For "Dead Cops" – Cavuto==============================­=========­=­===**Please Click Below to SUBSCRIBE for More "Wake Up America" Videos:­=========­=­=== rated: viewed:13291 source