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Inside the Apple: A Streetwise History of New York City

buy now $13.00 How much do you actually know about New York City? Did you know they tried to anchor Zeppelins at the top of the Empire State Building? Or that the high-rent district of Park Avenue was once so dangerous it was called “Death Avenue”? Lively and comprehensive, Inside the Apple brings to life New York’s fascinating past. This narrative history of New York City is the first to

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John Lennon New York City Ringer Fitted Jersey Tee M

buy now $13.06 John Lennon New York City Ringer Fitted Jersey Tee M

13 Who Defeated Adversity Earn New York Times College Scholarships

Photo The New York Times College Scholarship winners for 2015 on Wednesday. Front row, from left: Selena Bermeo, Likita Griffith, Carlos Ycaza-Zurita, Kawkab Abid, Mah Noor, Paige Pagan and Fatima Khan. Back row, from left: David Kela, Daniel Blanc, Michael Borrello, Oumou Zakaria, Shaafi Sabir and Jachai Omotayo. Credit Earl Wilson/The New York Times It was one of those perfect blue-sky days when Mah Noor stepped from the subway station

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Lonely Planet New York City (Travel Guide)

buy now $16.39 Lonely Planet: The world’s leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet New York City is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Discover the kaleidoscopic dining scene; pick a neighborhood, lace on your walking shoes and spend the day exploring; or get lost inside the priceless collections at the sprawling Metropolitan Museum of Art, all

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Review: St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Opens Its New Concert Hall

Photo The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra on Friday during the gala opening of its Concert Hall at the Ordway Center. Credit Ash & James Photography ST. PAUL — While the world has many splendid opera houses and orchestra halls, performance spaces ideally suited to chamber orchestras of, say, 30 to 35 players, are rarer. These ensembles are like hybrids between chamber groups and full orchestras. What’s needed is a hall

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Not For Tourists Guide to New York City 2015

buy now $14.40 The Not For Tourists Guide to New York City is a map-based, neighborhood-by-neighborhood dream guide designed to lighten the load of already street-savvy New Yorkers, commuters, business travelers, and yes, tourists too. Each map is marked with user-friendly icons identifying our favorite picks around town, from essentials to entertainment, and includes an invaluable neighborhood description written by locals, highlighting the most important features of each area.The book

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The Week Ahead: Tourist Traps Stand No Chance

Photo Dave Holmes in “American Canvas,” starting on Ovation. Credit Rick Kerns/Getty Images What if you detoured around the tourist attractions when visiting a place for the first time and ventured off the beaten path? In “American Canvas,” which makes its premiere on Wednesday on Ovation, Dave Holmes focuses on the culture and history, not always mentioned in guidebooks, that make three cities distinctive. His journey begins in San Francisco,

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In Ellen Pao’s Suit vs. Kleiner Perkins, World of Venture Capital Is Under Microscope

Photo Ellen Pao at the San Francisco courthouse this week where she is suing Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. She was a junior partner at the firm. Credit Robert Galbraith/Reuters SAN FRANCISCO — Speak up — but don’t talk too much. Light up the room — but don’t overshadow others. Be confident and critical — but not cocky or negative. Ellen Pao got a lot of advice about how to

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N.Y.C. New York Color 8 HR City Proof Extended Wear Lip Gloss, Everlasting Blossom, 0.22 Fluid Ounce

buy now $3.49 Need a gloss that you can count on? Lunch in Central Park followed by an unexpected key meeting in Chelsea? No time to retouch?. Keep Calm your lips are groomed with NYC’s City Proof Up to 8HR Gloss. Its incredible formula offers high-shine and rich color with no sticky feel and serious staying power. So just gloss and go to live your New Yorker life.

Manslaughter Charges in Beating Death of Transgender Woman in 2013

A Brooklyn man was charged with manslaughter on Tuesday in the killing of a transgender woman who died after a vicious beating in Harlem in 2013, a crime that galvanized anger among transgender people in New York about violence directed toward them. The arrest of the man, James Dixon, 24, came after an 18-month investigation of the attack on Islan Nettles that included the earlier arrest of another man who

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