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Photographer @dalyoungcho . . #dailylook #ootd #wiwt #뉴욕 #nyc #newyork #manhatta…

Photographer @dalyoungcho . . #dailylook #ootd #wiwt #뉴욕 #nyc #newyork #manhattan #potd #l4l #photography #profile #촬영 #뉴욕촬영 #데일리룩 #film #model #소통 #f4f #igers #fblogger Original on Instagram

does it ever stop raining in this movie #rain #nyc #glengarryross #movies #film…

does it ever stop raining in this movie #rain #nyc #glengarryross #movies #film #cinema #weather #newyorkcity Original on Instagram

GoodFellas.(1990) . . According to the real Henry Hill, whose life was the basi…

GoodFellas.(1990) . . According to the real Henry Hill, whose life was the basis for the book and film, Joe Pesci’s portrayal of Tommy DeSimone was 90% to 99% accurate, with one exception ; the real Tommy DeSimone was a massively built, strapping man. . In a documentary called The Real Goodfella(2006),which aired in the UK, Henry Hill claimed that Robert Deniro would phone him seven or eight times a

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Summer 2013 in New York City

Summer 2013 in New York City A montage of scenes in Brooklyn, Manhattan, NJ & Philly from May – August, 2013. Filmed & edited by Jon Edwards FB: http://NYCS… rated: viewed:9673 source

HD Historic Stock Footage – NEW YORK CITY IN THE 1940s

True HD Direct Film Transfers – NO UPCONVERSIONS!…New York City 1940'sPeople entering and exiting from New York City downtown subway entrance. Men wearing business suites and hats, women with fur jacket, another with fur stole or "mink stole". Men and women fashions of the 1940's. Stairway to NYC El, elevated train station. View of automobile, truck, and bus traffic on New York City street. City bus pulls to curb to

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Why Filmmakers Love New York City

There's something about New York City that Hollywood can't resist, since the early 1900's the city has served as the setting for thousands of films. From: AERIAL AMERICA: Beyond Hollywood rated: viewed: source

New York: Vacation City circa 1940 Prelinger Archive

more at… 'Much great footage of New York City, including the usual landmarks; The Bowery; Harlem ("where the world learns how to sing and dance")' New York City playlist:… Public domain film from the Prelinger Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and mild video noise reduction applied.The soundtrack was also processed with volume normalization, noise reduction, clipping reduction, and/or equalization (the resulting

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Story of a City: New York – 1947 Educational Documentary – Ella73TV

This educational film explains the historic and economic causes for the emergence of New York as one of the world's largest cities, and its vital relationship to rest of America. Archival footage shows famous landmarks and cityscapes. Ella73TV – – A curated collection of old films, newsreels & archive footage spanning the 20th century. rated: viewed:16259 source

New York City Vs. Everywhere Else

The Center of the Universe, by the numbersPost to Facebook: to Twitter: Data Research from: Jake Levy CREDITS Music:Purple/aDo ädəsē "LETSDIE2GETHER" Official Mixtape Trailer New York 2013 Part 2 New-York skyline time lapse New York VisionColor Grain New York Teil 3 Between 14th & Bedford : NY Subway Dancers footage courtesy of shutter stock A faded colored mapEnigmangels/ nyc//1 FACT CITATIONS: New York City Hits A New Population

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