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Modern Vice Studios – New York’s Newest Photography Studio

Nestled in the heart of New York City’s Manhattan Garment District lies a unique one of a kind fashion house, Modern Vice. I can say with great confidence that this company takes making a shoe to a whole other level. Walking into the headquarters takes your mind off the fact that you are in the middle of NYC as you are greeted by a gigantic mural of Hunter S. Thompson and the quote “Freedom is something that dies unless it’s USED.” After passing the first offices you enter into a gorgeous showroom that features their newest and most popular styles. Customers ooo and ahhh at these shoe masterpieces as they quickly reach for their credit card to buy their favorite pair.

After walking around the showroom in a daze of awe and beauty you find yourself in a ultra-modern full-fledge photography and video studio. The massive white CYC is hypnotizing as if it leads to a cloudy never-ending abyss. They have tons of in-house gear, an awesome sound system and the most impressive leather couch I’ve ever seen in my life. Two days before my tour there was a shoot with NY Ranger Dominic Moore and while I was there I was lost in a sea of models shooting for a celebrity stylist. Modern Vice Studios is definitely impressive as a stand-alone photo studio and the fact that it’s part of this brand, really amazed me.

Right when you would think you’ve seen it all, a secret passage leads to a huge glass shoebox in the vain of what you would find at an Apple Store. It is decked out with a DJ booth, disco lights and lasers. I am told that it streams live to the internet and that it is frequently used for launch parties for new lines developed by Modern Vice. At the moment they are having a sample sale and there are people gleefully digging through sizes to fill up their bags.

Probably the most amazing part of Modern Vice is that on the far wall of this glass box you are staring into an actual shoe factory full of cobblers busily hand making each individual shoe. I was brave enough to walk into the factory and they showed me around. I couldn’t believe how intricate the process was or how much care was placed into each individual shoe. In the far corner of the factory is the main office where I met with the owner and his team of designers. They were working with a private label client and discussing new ideas for a line of heels made with exotic materials like python, crocodile and stingray. Overhearing their conversation you are able to tell that this team has an enormous amount of passion for what they are doing.

All in all I must say that I highly recommend visiting Modern Vice if you are in New York City. If you love shoes, art and culture this one-stop shop will satisfy your taste buds.

Modern Vice Studios
#302, 247 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018
+1 (646) 854-7568

Modern Vice
#301, 247 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018

Always a great time when Dominic Moore from the Rangers is here!! #bts #modernvicestudios #newyorkrangers #nyr #photostudio #nyc

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