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@murderofcrowsbarbellclub powerlifting team put in work yesterday! My athletes @…

@murderofcrowsbarbellclub powerlifting team put in work yesterday! My athletes @angerschew, @forbes.huang, and @barbell_militia all earned themselves podium medal finishes (gold, bronze, and silver respectively). So proud to be their coach, and so thankful for all their hard work (and showing of character) during meet prep and game day. My wife @feedme_tellmeimbeefy reffed her first meet and did such a great job, my brother @squatsinthecurlrack was super clutch with all of the help he provided to our lifters and, on top of that, handling two other lifters voluntarily! Thanks for keeping me sane dude. Huge thank you to @thatheathermichelle and @aliviacnuzzo for selflessly showing such fierce support and camaraderie for our athletes- they truly define what it’s like to have such a close-knit team and community of lifters that will go through great lengths to show support. & as always, thank you to @wjkipp for putting on an amazing meet. #usapl #community #strength #family #syracuse #utica #brooklyn #nyc #powerlifting #fitness #squats #cats #newyork #powerlifter #strong

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