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Feeling so nostalgic, full and joyful this 60th (gwow!) Anniversary of the Puert…

Feeling so nostalgic, full and joyful this 60th (gwow!😆) Anniversary of the Puerto Rican Day Parade! Here I am with the bff @jazminalatina reppin back in 1998 like we did every year 😍. She always made an outfit emblazoned with the flag, y yo con el party, cerveza y ya tu sabes. Who knows how I managed to get that beer. 😂Wildlife. Cuties. Numbers. Come as you are after parties. Reggaeton. Memories so live I wouldn’t trade them for the world! We grew up going to the parade with our families. My madrina with the salten de arroz con pollo, my padrino with the foldout chairs. Us lil kids grabbing a front row seat on the curb, our heads barely reaching the blue wooden police barricades. The excitement inherent in this day began for me all those years ago. Shout out to families who take their lil boricua kids to the parade!! This year, with all the hardships plaguing the island and our people, we are encouraged to fight for the cultura and homeland we love so much and consider: How do I defend Puerto Rico? I’m writing about it all. I celebrate our past. I honor our identities. I spread love. I make healing a priority. I make peace with our failures, evolve and share that evolution with proud scholars, artists and professionals continuing this heart, body, mind and soul filling orgullo that it is to be Puertorriqueños, Puertorriqueñas, Nuyorican, blessed with a cultura that just won’t stop. Prrra! 💪🏽🇵🇷❤️👏🏽 Wish I could be there today but I’m watching on TV, completing weekend studies for my CCNY MFA, challenging, shaping, discovering and mastering my voice so I can write and tell stories that matter to us, keeping the dream alive. 📚📖📝🇵🇷🙏🏽 #puertoricansbelike #boricuasbelike #prparade #puertoricandayparade #pride #nyhistory #nyc

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