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True Crime New York City Collectors Edition – Xbox (Collector’s)

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True Crime: New York City is the most authentic depiction of New York in a Video game. Marcus Reed was a gang member, just waiting for his turn in a jail cell, until Terry showed him he could do more than just fill an orange jumpsuit. Five years later, Marcus and Terry are New York City police officers, and life is better — until Terry is brutally murdered. Marcus gets the call to go undercover and becomes obsessed with finding Terry’s killer. If he has to, he’ll take on every gang and mob in the city to do it. Special Collector’s Edition includes behind-the-scenes footage, “making of” feature, trailers, music, flythroughs, interviews and viral videos. Also includes high-quality case, map with game objectives and game tips.
Navigate over 25 miles of Manhattan — select from any number of undercover vehicles, or borrow one from the citizens. Prepare for the nightmare of NYC traffic GPS-accurate streets of Manhattan, complete with subways, hundreds of interiors, internationally recognized landmarks and real neighborhoods from Harlem to Chinatown to Times SquarePatrol the streets to deal with all the crimes a New York cop sees — from domestic abuse calls to gang shootouts
Find people you can extract information from, and use it to go after the crime lords who rule the city’s underworld
Expansive melee combat with multiple options — make Marcus a street-brawler or teach him karate
Dangerous situations involving multiple NPCs — avoid shooitng fellow officers and innocent bystanders or you’ll become a fugitive
Your actions will affect each of NYC’s districts – The environments will change drastically to showcase the current crime level

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