A Curation of Information About New York City

NYC: A Picture Guide to New York City II

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Another picture book by Jenny Smith packed with 48 color pictures of New York City. If you are from New York, planning a trip to NYC, or just love the Big Apple than this book is for you. Makes a perfect book to enjoy the magnificent city for both kids and adults. As you scroll through the images you will feel the power of this city as it comes to life on the pages. Adults will love this book as it can bring back memories or help with planning a vacation. Children will love all the varying images from around the city. This 99 cent ebook includes pictures of New York Taxis, the Empire State Building, Wall Street, Hudson Bay, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, Radio City, 5th Ave, Little Italy, subway system, Central Park, and NYU to name just a few of the 48 images.

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