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NY Coffee Cup (50 paper cups with lids)

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Sip your coffee from the street-tough, disposable, 10-ounce coffee-to-go cup that has become synonymous with New York City and the metropolitan area. Offering 50 NY Coffee Cups, sometimes called Anthoras, packed in a handy carry-out tray, the world’s most famous paper cup, emblazoned WE ARE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU, printed in Greek-style letters, ubiquitous in New York City since 1963. The cup maintains an iconic status in New York popular culture; it has graced the cover of the Manhattan phone book and is on permanent display in the Museum of Modern Art. It’s been featured as a city-centric prop on TV shows like “CSI: NY” and “Mad Men” and in movies including “Wolf of Wall Street” and “Men in Black.” Makes an entertaining conversation piece and ultimate “high camp” gift for every coffee-drinking city dweller or displaced New Yorker. Beware of imitations. This is the genuine article, the only cup that says “New York.” (Includes souvenir postcard with cup’s history and connection to New York City).50 disposable paper coffee-to-go cups and lids in a handy carry-out tray
Original blue-and-white design with WE ARE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU in Greek-style letters
Includes souvenir postcard with cup’s history and connection to New York City
Authentic cups used as props in TV and movies, from “Mad Men” to “NYPD Blue”
Bona fide “Anthora” cup, licensed from Solo Cup Corp; accept no imitation

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