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New York City

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The result of nearly eight months’ worth of work on their own and with producer Hector Castillo, the boldly titled New York City is Brazilian Girls’ most sophisticated, dynamic effort yet. To be sure, the album contains its fair share (more, really) of uptempo party-starters: ‘We just want to have a good time all the time,’ Sciubba admits gleefully over an infectious hand-clap beat in the aptly named ‘Good Time,’ while ‘Losing Myself’ rides a go-go organ groove. Yet New York City also reveals a deeper, more contemplative side of Brazilian Girls’ sound, one that Johnston says reflects the band’s desire to ‘actually sit down and write rather than just jam at the club.’Sciubba cites influences like Caetano Veloso and Feist. ‘I think we were feeling like we wanted to push ourselves in other directions,’ adds Gutman. ‘We were interested in exploring a wider range of emotions.’BRAZILIAN GIRLS NEW YORK CITY

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