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Hey Kids! Let’s Visit New York City: Fun Facts and Amazing Discoveries for Kids (Volume 3)

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Visiting New York City with kids? Do you want your kids engaged and excited about visiting The Big Apple? Do you want your kids to learn as well as have fun while traveling? Look no further!

Get the kids involved early in the vacation planning process! Get the entire family excited about the major things to do in New York City before you leave, and then let them help plan the trip!

Finally! A New York City travel guide for kids! Hey Kids! Let’s Visit New York City asks and answers:

Hey Kids! Did you know…

  • There is a beach and amusement park only a subway ride away from downtown Manhattan – and the National Hot Dog Eating Contest is held there every July 4?
  • In NYC you can see a Chinese parade in the afternoon and then visit a real Italian restaurant at night?
  • There’s a 60 foot tall Ferris Wheel in a toy store in Times Square?
  • There’s a building in NYC that looks like an iron?

You can read about all of these things and more in Hey Kids! Let’s Visit New York City! The guide for kids is full of fun New York City facts and photos, and you will enjoy it whether you are preparing for a vacation with the family, or simply want to learn a little more about some attractions in New York City.

Each section of the book explains the history behind some major New York City attractions as well as listing some fun and interesting facts about each. Learn that the New York City subway is a great way to get around the city. Learn about the about the Sataue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and so many more attractions! Your child or grandchild will be your tour guide with this book! So make sure that they have this book early in the planning phases of your trip as well as when you visit New York City!

But, whether you are planning a trip with your family or just want to know more about NYC, this book is the perfect way to get started.

Teresa Mills is the bestselling author of the Hey Kids! Let’s Visit Series of children’s books! This series focuses on building your child’s / grandchild’s life experiences through travel and learning activities that will enhance their lives forever!!!

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Take a look at what other amazon customers say about Hey Kids! Let’s Visit New York City:

New York City is such a large and busy city, this book really helps to break up the attractions for kids. Lets them learn a little about each major attraction before they go and I bet they will get more excited as they read each section!~Melanie

This delightful book took me on a tour of all the best spots to visit while in NYC. While it was written in a kid friendly manner, it taught me a thing or two as well. I find that having a little bit of knowledge and history of famous sites makes the trip more enjoyable.~Sherri

The book was very specific about the places that are an intricate part of NYC and explained many interesting things about the city and even went on to describe the places give a little history or a fun story that had to do with the place. Very interesting!~Elizabeth

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