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Where to Eat in the East Village of NYC

The East Village in New York City is made up of a diverse community of young and old and various ethnicities. The neighborhood runs from 14th street down to Houston street and from around 4th ave to ave A. The amount of places to eat are too hard to count, but you’re sure to find some quality spots.

If you want to plan a full night of eating and drinking all on one block, head over to east 7th street between ave A and 1st ave. Grab drinks and even some ceviche at Desnuda, a narrow wine bar. Then head over to Caracas Arepas Bar for some Venezuelan arepas. It’s good to share a bunch of the items so that you can try a bunch of different things. After you’re done with dinner, you can go to Butter Lane for cupcakes or the Bourgeois Pig for fondue.

Another great option is heading down to the NoHo area near Houston street. There you will find a bunch of great places like Bianca for cheap Italian, Il Buco for expensive Italian, Mercat for Spanish tapas or BONDST for high quality sushi. After dinner, you can grab some drinks at one of the cool spots nearby such as The Lobby Bar at thre Bowery Hotel or Madame Geneva behind Double Crown restaurant.

There are so many possibilities in the East Village and many hidden gems. Even if you decided to aimlessly walk around without having a plan, you’d probably find a great place on your own. Enjoy yourself wherever you end up going.

Source by Richard Peters

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