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Simple Home Security Tricks For Apartment – Renters

A lot of the advice on taking care of residences out there is focused more on homes and homeowners. Yet these days, Americans are far more likely to live in apartments, especially considering the fact that more people are moving to the centers of cities, rather than cowering in the suburbs. And in places like New York and Los Angeles, apartments are often the only option for those who aren’t raking in the serious cash. Therefore, it makes a lot more sense to offer guidance to those renting apartments, rather than simply focusing on how to stay safe while living in a home.

While many apartment-renters may not have thought about home security, focusing instead on street smarts and paying attention to one’s surroundings in a city, there are plenty of ways to make a residence more secure, even if it’s a studio apartment or a shared loft in an emerging neighborhood. The first and most important step towards increased safety in one’s apartment is an increased awareness of one’s building. There’s no reason to ever buzz anyone in who you’re not expecting, especially if you cannot see via video who is at the door.

This is a common-sense step to better apartment building etiquette, yet people often feel pressured by common decency to help out. The same goes with holding the door open; if you don’t personally know the person for whom you are holding open the door, you might be seriously compromising your home security. Don’t hold doors open unless you know people, and you won’t offend those who do live in the same building. Especially if a lot of other residents are older or more experienced with city living, they will appreciate the level of respect you have for everyone in the building’s safety.

Those living in apartment buildings should also consider the importance of home security as far as extra touches like air conditioning units in the window and fire escapes go. Keeping windows shut and locked is important, but this becomes more difficult if there is a device propping the window up for most of the summer. It makes sense to invest in some sort of protection to go around the air conditioning unit, especially considering that numerous devices out there are affordable. And after all, when it comes to home security, nothing is more affordable than not having to replace all of one’s belongings because someone was able to gain entry through the window after pushing the air conditioner out and crawling in.

It’s also worth noting that while it might not make sense to some renters, it is possible to invest in a home alarm system that will provide extra help at keeping tabs on one’s apartment. For those who are renting on a temporary basis and are concerned about losing money on one’s security deposit, many of the new systems are designed to be uninstalled and packed up when it’s time to move, meaning that there is minimal impact on the space itself. And knowing that there won’t be a negative impact on one’s ability to move means there really is no reason to not go ahead and go for the extra measure of protection.

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