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Rising demand has made it difficult for people to find an apartment which is affordable and pleasing at the same time in New York. Recent development may add to tenant woes. 2011 is a big year for tenants in New York. On June 15, the state laws governing rent regulations, which mostly affect New York City, will expire unless the legislature and governor successfully broker a deal to renew them. These regulations protect tenants from being evicted without legal case, and give them the right to renew their leases. In case these regulations are not renewed, tenants may have to engage in more frequent apartment hunts.

Whether you’re a first timer or a veteran at scouting for apartments in New York City, apartment websites can help you find your dream property. Here are some pointers which can shorten your apartment hunt-

* In case you want an apartment from which public transport is more accessible, you may have to pay more. It may be a good option, if you’re always rushing to work.

* Living with a room mate means that you can save on rent and split the costs of utilities like cable, food, and internet.

* Many landlords require you to earn a sum which is forty times the monthly rent for the apartment. Keep this in mind so that you only look for apartments within your price range.

* Some documents you will need when you find an apartment to your liking are pay slips, proof of employment, and tax forms.

* Know your tenancy rights before you sign the lease. A written lease gives you protection in case the landlord suddenly decides that he or she wants you to vacate the premises.

* Check whether the lease mentions the figure agreed upon, the correct address, and landlord. It should also mention all the amenities you are entitled to.

* Your lease should also mention by when you have to pay your rent. What is the penalty if you’re late with the rent?

* In case you want to keep a pet, check whether you’re allowed to do so under the terms of your lease. Other special provisions you should check for include restrictions on guests and running a home business.

If you find an apartment to your liking, don’t delay. Someone else may snap it up in that case. An apartment website can alert you of good deals for apartments in New York City. Metro-Homes Properties has a wide range of properties in every area of New York, so you can choose a suitable apartment in the area of your liking!

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