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Make a Favorable Impression on Your Potential Landlord

Does an email to a potential landlord make a favorable impression? Do you really want your potential landlord to have your email forever? Will they even have an email? Would you want to send them an email? Would they read it? They might think it’s spam, since they don’t know you that well, yet. So, they might delete it, defeating your purpose. What if you don’t get the apartment in one of their buildings, would you want them to have your email forever? The operative word here is ‘potential’; once they become actual perhaps it’s okay. Remember everything sent via the web is on the web somewhere, forever. Okay enough of that. You really like three apartments you’ve seen. You’re unsure as to which one you want. How do you impress (pun intended) upon the Landlord your seriousness of wanting the apartment? What about a bribe? No, that’s against the law.

Imagine for a moment it’s a hundred and twenty years ago. To help you imagine that, think about those old black and white (not silent) English films or even books set in England or ‘old New York’ when people would send (via their valet or butler) a thank you note. It would be after an arranged meeting or having dropped in for a spot of tea or a bit of shopping, a couple hours later. It was not just to curry favor, although what better way? After all it’s not a bribe, it’s a thank you, for their time, note. But hearken back, to those black & white films, didn’t the receiver always feel special? How could you tell? From their look of absolute delight on their faces, that’s how.

Zoom back to now: Your new landlord gets your thank you note. A look of enchantment and recollection of you goes across their face. He or she remembers you and you get the apartment. A note says you’re respectful and likeable. You deserve the apartment. Isn’t that what you want from your new Landlord?

*Now a number of people might say, but I don’t have the apartment yet, but I say metaphysically, you already have what is yours, even if you don’t see it, yet, in the physical. Write your notes, bless them, and know that you have received what is yours. This or something better, and so it is.

A prayer? You might ask. Prayers are good when it comes to real estate? Remember prayer and money goes together. After all, you want to make the best deal all around. Right? People are always saying, “I’m just praying I get… whatever.” An apartment or house definitely falls within those parameters. Perhaps they don’t mean it literally, but if they did, WOW!

When I first moved to New York City, my father, who was a minister, sent with me a Catherine Ponder** book and during my first year here, he sent via mail, “The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn“, which was included in an omnibus form with all four of her books in it. Since my move here Ms. Shinn’s book has helped me through various situations as well Catherine Ponder’s books. I have continued to read Ms. Ponder’s many books and to re-read Ms. Shinn’s book. Their books and prayers have come in handily with job and home moves. To say that their books along with their prayers and my own have helped me would be an understatement. I have been blessed and enriched exponentially in various forms through the reinforcement of my initial teachings from my parents and these books, as well as the spiritual centers I have attended. Also taught by my parents, was the art of graceful living. Thank you notes fall under the feeling of graceful living for me and have supported me in my many desires and achievements.

*For instance, Florence Scovel Shinn’s book “The Game of Life and How to Play It, in chapter 3. Also, in her book “The Secret Door To Success”, in chapter 4-What Do You Expect.?

**In my possession when I moved here was “Pray and Grow Rich” by Catherine Ponder, Chapters 1, 2, & 5 became my best friends. The first two chapters are on prayer, and the fifth chapter, is on protection. After all, I had just moved to New York City. Quite different from growing up in Phoenix. Check those books out; I’m sure they can help you, in your quest for graceful living, too.

Source by CharLena M. Pearson

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