A Curation of Information About New York City

August 13, 2017

New York City Up and Down

buy now $50.99 Renowned documentary photographer Jean-Pierre Laffont has been a transplanted resident from Paris to New York City since 1965 and in addition his travels that have documented the entirety of America and its social forces as well as those around the world from 1960 to 1990, he has also squarely focused his camera on his new “hometown” New York City. Demonstrating the people, places, and events with the

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Can You Change Corrals When You Run the New York City Marathon?

The New York City marathon technically has 3 starts, which do not converge for about 8 miles. These starts are assigned colors which correspond to the race map. The green start is to the left and gets a nice tour of Brooklyn, the orange start is in the center and goes to the left side of the Verazano-Narrows Bridge, and the blue start begins all the way to the right

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