A Curation of Information About New York City

August 2015

Exploring the Tourist Attractions of Manhattan, New York City

When people talk of visiting New York City, more likely than not, they are referring to visiting Manhattan. Manhattan, an elongated island, is actually one of the five boroughs of New York City, albeit the most famous. It is the home of the skyscraper skyline that is so synonymous with New York City. Most of the tourist attractions are located in Manhattan. This article takes you on an online tour

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6X Various Unique Designs Ultimate Collectible New York City Ballpoint Pen NYC Gift Pen NY Souvenir Pens – Pack of 6

buy now $7.99 Here we present our gift set of six great looking New York themed pens. These black ballpoint pens feature one of a kind original design. Bring back great memories of New York with this colorful and attractive set of pens. Also, perfect for a gift for those back home waiting to welcome you back!Six Different Unique Designs of New York City Themed Souvenir Pens in One PackageMakes

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No Credit Check Apartments – Tips On How To Rent An Apartment When Your Credit Is Not The Best

No credit check apartments seem like a dream to some people who have spent days on end searching for a place to rent, only to be turned down once the landlord checks out their credit rating. It’s easy to get discouraged when looking for an apartment when this keeps happening to you, but take heart. There are ways to rent an apartment without having your credit be the only determining

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New York City Landmarks

buy now $15.90 “A perfect guide to New York City – if you have been a visitor this will fill you with nostalgia, and if you have never visited this will inspire you to pack your bags! Highly recommended!” Hot Brands, Cool Places “With its handsome photographs and skillful descriptions, it’s a book that is as fitting a memento as it is a guide.” Archidose “The photography alone is reason

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New York City Travel Guide: Top Attractions, Hotels, Food Places, Shopping Streets and Everything You Need to Know (JB’s Travel Guides)

buy now New York Travel Guide: Top Attractions, Hotels, Food Places, Shopping Streets and Everything You Need to Know –The Travel Book That Gets You Inside the Big Apple Before You Even Travel! New York is referred to as the concrete jungle for so many things – countless and towering skyscrapers, massive gardens and parks, incredible landmarks, cool museums, scrumptious dining spots among others. It is a city where the

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