A Curation of Information About New York City

March 12, 2015

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13 Who Defeated Adversity Earn New York Times College Scholarships

Photo The New York Times College Scholarship winners for 2015 on Wednesday. Front row, from left: Selena Bermeo, Likita Griffith, Carlos Ycaza-Zurita, Kawkab Abid, Mah Noor, Paige Pagan and Fatima Khan. Back row, from left: David Kela, Daniel Blanc, Michael Borrello, Oumou Zakaria, Shaafi Sabir and Jachai Omotayo. Credit Earl Wilson/The New York Times It was one of those perfect blue-sky days when Mah Noor stepped from the subway station

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Trying to Rent an Apartment With Bad Credit? Here is How

In Manhattan, your credit can open doors to numerous opportunities, be it loans, credit cards, cars and even houses. Even employers are increasingly relying on credit to make hiring decisions. As controversial as it is, one area which has come to increasingly rely on credit ratings is apartment rentals. Individuals and families alike have found their credit scrutinized every time they attempt to rent an apartment. While not all apartments

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