A Curation of Information About New York City

January 29, 2015


A evening tour of the bright lights of New York City! Come visit the Top of Rockefeller Center, a cruise around the harbour to see the Statue of Liberty, plus walk through High Line Park. ►New York City night on the town Tour:►Viator: ★★SUBSCRIBE: join the adventure! : ♥ Snapchat: nadinesykora ▬ FOLLOW ME ▬ ►Blog:►Vine:►Instagram:►Twitter:►Facebook:►Tumblr:►Bloglovin:►Google + : ✘

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The Official Barry Harris Website for Jazz Education and Information

The Official Barry Harris Website for Jazz Education and Information review Jazz Education And Performance.

Streets of New York Documentary | Rise and Fall of Crime in New York City

http://www.alprofit.comWith new mayor DeBlasio in and stop and frisk under review, is New York's crime poised to rise again? The South Bronx burned, Harlem overdosed, and Brooklyn was ruled by the knives and bicycle chains of feral gangs. Then it got worse. The Mafia poured tons of China White onto the street and 13 year old warlords peddled vials of cocaine to passing cars. The media, and our own memories,

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New York City back in the 70’s

A look at the city before there were Apples or cell phones. but really not so long ago. rated: viewed:26459 source

Machine Learning: Video Feature: Signs That Virtual Reality Is on the Verge of Taking Off

Continue reading the main story Video The Virtual Reality Content Race Now that the Oculus Rift has some competition, the virtual reality content race has begun. Video by Molly Wood, Rebekah Fergusson and Vanessa Perez on Publish Date January 28, 2015. Photo by Jae C. Hong/Associated Press. READY or not, here comes virtual reality. Gaming was the focus of the original Oculus Rift headset, the virtual reality viewing device that

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Tribeca Apartment Rentals – A Guide For Families With Children

Beginning in the 1970s, a large number of artists and their families started taking residence in the converted lofts of New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood. Fast-forward to the current day, and though the canvases and paint-stained jeans have been traded in for briefcases and suits you will still find families choosing the quiet streets and beautiful apartments of Tribeca, making it Manhattan’s premier neighborhood in which to rent an apartment.

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